About PowerSlide

Built for Independent Manufactured Home Dealers

PowerSlide is a custom website builder designed and developed by BigWheel for independent manufactured home dealers.

BigWheel is a leading full-service digital agency specializing in custom website design and development. Since 1995, BigWheel has been creating custom websites and applications for leading brands all over the globe. With PowerSlide, we’re using our years of experience to help independent dealers modernize their online presence and drive more sales through the web.

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Why Choose PowerSlide

Save Time

Automatically display Clayton Built® inventory, marketing assets, floor plans, and Matterport 3D tours

Show and update non-Clayton inventory and floor plans

Display and edit dealership-specific information

Make website changes and updates instantly

Drive More Sales

Capture customer contact information in a customer relationship manager (CRM)

See which pages and homes your customers are looking at

Automate digital marketing initiatives

Improve organic Google and Bing search results

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