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In November 2019, BigWheel started working with Magnolia Estates, a manufactured home dealer with three locations in Mississippi. With the goal of increasing and converting more leads, BigWheel created a dynamic social media and digital marketing plan for each location. By working closely with the Magnolia Estates’ sales team, an ideal customer journey path was created in the customer relationship management system (CRM), as well as for tracking staff communication with prospects throughout the sales process.

The contact manager system in our CRM is valuable for many reasons. Alongside providing contact information for potential customers and the last-touch point of any email marketing campaigns, our contact manager also provides the lead owner and lead score for each unique customer. The lead owner is the sales agent responsible for managing all communications with the prospect while the lead score is a value for ranking prospects based on how likely the customer is in purchasing a manufactured home from Magnolia Estates.

After launching Magnolia Estates’ new PowerSlide website in January 2020, the digital marketing plan, redesigned website, and improved sales process with the CRM resulted in 80% of their online leads converting into deposits. With an average cost per lead of $1.75, Magnolia Estates had a total of 921 leads generated from these new implementations.

And with a 6,240% growth in conversion rates, Magnolia Estates realized many immediate benefits of switching to PowerSlide by BigWheel: more leads and more sales.

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“BigWheel has helped us launch a new website and handle various digital marketing campaigns, and our results have been fantastic.

They’ve made it simple and easy, and communication with them has been exactly what we hoped for! We are very thankful for the relationship we’ve built, and we’re excited about everything to come.”

– Beth Ann Grey
Marketing Director, Magnolia Estates

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